Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Care Package: Part 1

It should be no surprise what comes after the Thanksgiving care package. But, of course, Christmas!

Now, it was a lot simpler to find Christmas themed items than it was for fall/Thanksgiving! I ended up finding so many, in fact, that I sent TWO boxes. 

So this one is the first.

I found some great scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby. The 12x12 paper happens to be almost the perfect size for the box flaps, if you cut them in half. The papers I picked out had a lot of writing on them, so while they were pretty, they unfortunately made the words I added to each flap hard to read.

Here is the box as a whole:

See? Hard to read from afar...but I snagged some close ups so you could get the whole idea.

The words are lyrics from one of my favorite Christmas songs...which is saying a lot, because generally, I HATE Christmas music!

Merry Christmas, Baby by Brighten.
(Give it a listen while you read on...)

Merry Christmas, baby

The only thing on my wishlist: maybe you could come back home to me 
(still hard to read in the picture, but looks better in real life, I promise)

'cause it's the season for us to be together again

I also found the stickers at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section. They all happened to be 50% off as well, so that was a bonus!

And after cutting out the words for the Thanksgiving care package by hand, I decided a Silhouette (think Cricut--or if you're not familiar with that, a cutting machine...they are crazy cool...but maybe I'll write more on that in another post) would be a good investment. So that made the lettering much quicker! 

Now for what I put inside. Part one of my Christmas care package includes:

-- a Hickory Farms Meat and Cheese box
-- a plastic candy cane filled with Sweet Tarts or something of the sort
-- a box of Christmas Nerds
-- a box of Christmas (candy) Dots
-- a box of Christmas Fun Dip
-- A Christmas tin (also from Hobby Lobby) filled with Swedish Fish and Sweet Tart flavored candy canes 
-- Phase 10 the card game
-- a large package of Beef Jerky
-- a large bag of gum
-- a Polo Assn watch
-- a small Stocking
-- a set of Christmas DVDs (Elf, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon's Christmas vacation)
-- a bottle each of his shampoo, body wash, and deodorant (not pictured)

And two of my personal favorites:

I found a small stuffed animal on Amazon...which happened to be a Bernese Mountain Dog. That way he can have a mini Gatsby! 

I filled a flash drive with new movies, music, pictures of us and home. And books for Scott's Kindle, since he really doesn't have enough internet access to upload anything himself. I also put episodes of his favorite TV shows that are currently in season on there...obviously he wouldn't get to watch them otherwise.

But that's just part one. Part two is still to come! 

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