Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Care Package

Sending at least one care package a month is on my Deployment bucket list. And while I didn't do so hot on making the first two very cute, I have met that goal so far. Since this one if for Thanksgiving, I took some time and actually decorated the box as well. I know Boys are boys and don't care how pretty the box is, but the real point was to send a little piece of Thanksgiving from home his way.

I wanted to send a Thanksgiving "meal" of sorts, but of course, Turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie won't last or ship well. But I was able to find some boxed food and canned goods that are part of the stereotypical Thanksgiving day meal. I even included a couple of baked goods to top it off.

Here's what my Thanksgiving care package includes:

-- 2 Compleats microwavable meals
-- 1 cup of Mac & Cheese
-- 1 can sliced carrots
-- 1 can green beans
-- 1 can jellied cranberry sauce
-- 1 box sweet potatoes
-- 1 box turkey stuffing
-- Pumpkin muffins
-- Snickerdoodle cookies

And just a couple of non-Thanksgiving related bonus items that Scott will like.

I also like to make him a card, and I have started a "tradition" of drawing him some kind of picture on it. 

Hopefully he will at least enjoy the thought, even though I'm sure they will have a good meal prepared for them on the ship to celebrate. 

I'm thankful that even though we won't be able to spend Thanksgiving together, I can at least find a way to send a piece of "home" to him. 

For now, I will think of our first Thanksgiving together last year and look forward to spending it together next year!

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