Thursday, September 20, 2012

Salsa & When Mahm Comes to Town

Goodness! Time has just flown by since my last post! So much to tell!

I've slowed down on my sewing, but I have actually been cooking and baking a lot more than usual. I did, however, make another pair of shoes a while back. These baby shoes have become my favorite that I've made so far. And I absolutely love how this pair turned out! You can find the tutorial here.

Now, back to the cooking thing. A couple of weeks ago I spent what seemed like an entire day in the kitchen. For those of you who know me very well, that in itself is quite the miracle. But, I would definitely say it was worth the effort, because I got to use my stand mixer, try a new recipe, make my favorite salsa, and bake a cake. (The clean up efforts weren't quite so fun.)


Now, I consider myself a connoisseur of chips and salsa. Okay, maybe I really don't, but I do believe there are very few people that love chips and salsa as much as I do. And while a lot of Mexican food restaurants have great salsa, I can never find any bottled salsa at the store that tastes good. Too chunky and mild. So, as all of these stories tend to go, I found a recipe on Pinterest for some salsa. The caption on the pin said that it was the best salsa I decided it was worth a shot. Let me tell you, it may not be the BEST salsa I have ever tasted, but I think it's pretty great. Every time we run out, I make some more. It's so worth the fuss of making it rather than buying some less than mediocre salsa at the store.

You can find the original recipe here, but I could never justify making THAT much salsa at a time, so I modify the recipe.

     Roja Salsa
                  6-8 Roma tomatoes 
       1 white onion 
       6-8 Serrano peppers *these peppers are decently hot, so  
      this number depends on your taste. 
       4-6 cloves of garlic
       1 Tbsp salt 

       A few leaves of cilantro *I don't really like cilantro, 
     but the typical recipe calls for about a bundle in 
     comparison to the rest of the ingredients.

       Remove tops from peppers. Halve the tomatoes and onions 
     and lay cut-side up on a cookie sheet along with the 
     peppers and garlic. 
       Roast at 375 until the onions look nice and translucent, 
     tomatoes look soft, and peppers are getting a nice char on 
       Let it all cool a bit, then run through the food processor 
     with salt and cilantro. I usually don't put all of the 
     ingredients in at once. I will start off with half of all 
     the ingredients, and then add serrano peppers, garlic, salt, 
     etc and keep doing a taste test until I get what I'm looking 
     for.  (That's why the ingredients aren't perfect numbers.)

But all in all, I really like this salsa and it's pretty simple. In fact, I am probably going to have to make some more once I am done with this post. Just talking about it has my mouth watering.


On another note, my mom came to visit last week! We had a lot of fun (at least I think so...right, mom? haha.) Well, apart from the fact that she wasn't so much a fan of the traffic and my driving...but hey! that's California! 

The first few days, I mostly took her places that I go to often so that she would have a mental picture of them when I talk about them later. We went to a couple of beaches on Monday. I snapped a few photos of the beach where Scott and I go to surf. 

Quite the vacation destination, huh?

When Scott and I first started dating my mom always talked about the San Diego Zoo. So of course we had to visit while she was here. She took a lot of pictures with Scott's camera, but unfortunately, the camera obviously has some problems and all of the pictures came out blurry. (Which reinforces the fact that my next investment should probably be a camera!) I did manage to take a few pictures with my phone. 

 That's a baby jaguar on the lower left. We spent a lot of our time at their exhibit. They were a lot of fun, acted just like regular kittens. And the zookeeper talked to us for a while and gave us a lot of great information. There were also some baby giraffes, as you can see in the picture. Who doesn't love baby animals!? There was a baby panda there as well, but he was so little that he isn't on exhibit yet, so we didn't get to see him. Over all, we had a good time at the zoo, but our bodies were hurting at the end of the day...and the next day.

Every Thursday they have what's called the Sunset Market in downtown Oceanside. Scott has told me about it, but I hadn't actually made it down there yet. So my mom and I went on Thursday evening. Basically, a lot of vendors set up booths in the middle of the street and sell anything from crafts, clothing, pillows, artwork, and more than anything food. I didn't manage to take a picture of this one. But it was pretty cool to check out.

On Friday, we went whale watching. Unfortunately, we didn't actually see any whales...but we did see a pod of about 60 or so dolphins. Which made the entire trip worth it. They were so fun and there were a lot of babies as well. They looked like little footballs with fins. Once again, we had Scott's camera, and even though I took a lot of video of the dolphins, they are all blurry. But here is a picture of the boat we went on.

Overall, a pretty great week. I always enjoy seeing my Mahm!

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