Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Deployment Care Package

March 17th means a couple of special occasions in our household. One of Scott's favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day. And more importantly, his birthday! I had big plans to send two care package this month, but things didn't go according to plan, so I was only able to send a birthday care package.

This year is his 24th birthday! And obviously, I wish I could be there or he could be here to celebrate, but this is one of the last big events we have to get through before he comes home. So that's super exciting and worth celebrating! But this box is all about his birthday! 

It's been hard figuring out good presents to send while he's on the ship. But, he's been working out pretty regularly and is interested in fitness and the like, so I thought maybe a FitBit would be a good idea for him. As well as some other small items such as things he just likes a lot, or goes with the birthday idea. And then maybe when he gets home we can get him a really good the Jeep he wants! 

I came across a couple of things that I thought were perfect for Scott and really good ideas. One of which is a new cookie mix that Pillsbury started making. We love our snow cones and deployed military love their homemade goods, so I definitely made some of those. 

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Cookies

Also, cake or cupcakes aren't typically things that mail well and last for weeks on end. But I had seen the idea of putting cake in a jar. Mine didn't turn out near as bright and pretty as these did, but I really wanted Scott to have some cake for his birthday! So it's a pretty brilliant concept that allows for that to happen! 

(check out how they're made)

My birthday care package includes:

--1 pair Under Armor style compression shirt
--1 pair Under Armor style shorts
--1 pair athletic mesh shorts
--1 pair of boxers
--Men's Health magazine
--Men's Fitness magazine
--3 pack of gum
--Peach Rings (his favorite candy!)
--Mio drink flavoring
--Beef Jerky
--Can of Silly String
--"Happy birthday" candles
--Spray can of icing
--3 cakes in a jar
--Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Cookies

Wishing a very happy birthday to my sweet husband half a world away!


  1. When you did your cake in a jar did you send frosting separately or did you send it already frosted?

  2. I just sent a separate can of frosting for him to add himself. :)

  3. Just saw you featured my cakes, so glad you liked it! Ands seriously what a cute idea with the package. Sending love your way!