Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Very Own "Design"

Ever since I started making gifts for little baby Avery, I have been getting more and more interested in making clothes. I've started looking at clothes in stores thinking how easy it would be to make them...and how they are robbing us blind with their prices. 

Several people have told me that I should start selling the things I make. So a few days ago, I decided that I was finally going to take a small "leap" and open up an Etsy shop. I'm still a bit skeptical, because I can see all of the mistakes in each piece of clothing or shoe that I make...but, you never know until you try, right?

I figured I couldn't just keep making everything out of patterns and tutorials I find on Pinterest, so I decided I would try out something on my own. I had to pretty much completely wing it, since I don't have a baby of my own to measure and compare things to. I even tried to be all professional and made a sketch beforehand.

Obviously, it didn't turn out exactly like the sketch due to lack of the right color and amount of fabric on hand. And maybe the bow and shoes will be next...though it'll be hard to make shoes in the right size if I'm not sure what size the dress is. It was very trial and error, so there are more mistakes than I would have liked (though the picture hides them), but now I know what to do next time!

I used a onesie that I already had to try and figure out the measurements. It's supposed to be size 6-9 months, but it seems much bigger than that. So if someone has a baby they would like to let me borrow, just let me know! Cause I have no idea if this will actually fit a real baby. Minor details...haha.

So without any further ado...the first dress I made out of my own pattern...

The Adelaide