Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Onesie!

After painting only three pairs of Rangers shoes, I was pretty tired of painting. Period. So I decided I would go back to the sewing machine.

Not that I'll be having babies anytime soon, but I have gotten hooked on making things for babies!  And I had seen this really great idea--once again, on Pinterest (no surprise there!)--so I decided I would try it out. It turned out to be extremely simple. Especially since I just used one of her templates for the giraffe instead of drawing something myself.  

I decided that I would make it match some of the shoes I had already made. 
These Kimono shoes:

Here's the onesie:

I liked the look, but it seemed too plain to me. I wanted to at least add a ribbon bow to it, but wasn't sure if it would get ruined when washed. (If any of you know, please tell me.)
So I set out to find something else I could do to the onesie. I remembered seeing things with ruffles on the little baby bottom and thought it was adorable, so I found this tutorial. I had to modify it some, because I didn't have a serger...but the idea is the same.

And well, what little girl's outfit is complete without a large bow/flower of some sort? I can't remember where I found a tutorial for this fabric flower because I started making them several years ago. 

I like putting flowers/bows on clips so that they can either be interchanged on a headband or clipped right onto the head. I had bought some stretchy headbands at Hobby Lobby (they're only like 79-99 cents) a while back, so I made the flower and just put the flower on one I already had. 

And all together:

Oh and did I mention I recently discovered they now have Instagram for Android? So you will probably be seeing a lot of these mini collages from me. :)

And that's my craft of the day!

If you have any suggestions about what I should make next or even blog about next feel free to let me know!

So long from the West Coast.

(Hubby makes fun of my little catch phrase. What can I say? I love cheesy sayings!)

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