Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Shoes

I was planning on pacing myself. Because, well, I honestly can't keep this up...this blogging every day thing. But I went to good ol' Michael's (the store) today, so I figure now that I have some more craft projects to start and hopefully finish at some point, I will be able to at least post about them. Here's hopin'!

A funny thing happened today. I was talking to Scott, telling him my dilemma of feeling like I hadn't finished the UT wreath, but not wanting to add anything to it to make it look girly. And guess what that punk said? Basically the same thing I said yesterday...wreaths in themselves are already girly. I couldn't help but laugh. SO true. So so true.

Oh well.

So back to the promised topic: baby shoes. Some of our precious friends recently had their little baby girl! As luck would have it, I had seen some adorable baby shoes on Pinterest (of course) that had a tutorial. And naturally, since I love making gifts, I decided that's what I was going to do. Make baby Avery some frilly little shoes! Surprisingly enough, they were a little harder than I expected and making the ruffles for the shoe--cute as they may be--was quite the tedious task. The turned out far less than perfect, but they are shoes for tiny little feet! So that in itself makes them pretty adorable. These are called the "Mila" shoe.

Don't look too closely at them. I'm telling you...not so perfect. And I'm taking pictures with my camera phone, so that's not a great start in itself.

In case you are feeling ambitious and want to make some baby shoes, then you can check out the tutorial here. She did a much better job with hers!

And well, once I get started on something, I continue it until I've beaten it to death. So I tried out yet another type of baby shoes.
They're called "Kimono" baby shoes. They're not perfect either. But they didn't have tedious ruffles to turn inside out.

I also found these shoes on Pinterest. You can check out this tutorial here.

Maybe one of these days I'll be a master seamstress. I'll make my own patterns. Cut straight. Sew straight. Be perfect. But for now, I'm learning and I'll get better.

That's all for tonight. So long from the West Coast.

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