Monday, September 9, 2013

Deployment Bucket List

Going into this deployment, I was no stranger to my husband being away. We have been together almost 3 years, and maybe spent about 6 months of that time together. I was all too familiar with the sadness and loneliness that can consume you if you let it. I have to say, I wasn't so good at being away from my husband the first 5 months we were married and only saw each other on weekends. Now, while I don't think I'll ever be good at it, nor do I want to, I was at least a little more prepared this time around. I decided to make a list of goals--a bucket list, if you will--to give myself something to focus on and fill my time.

This time around, I do have a full time job and a new roommate to help keep me from moping around in my pajamas all the time. But I figure the more I fill my time and keep my mind occupied, the faster time will fly by and Scott will be coming home again.

So without further ado, in no particular order, my deployment bucket list (so far):

1. Get into shape and feel good about the way I look.
2. Sew a piece for every pattern I own.
3. Use my smash books
4. Get my teeth taken care of
5. Pay down our debt
6. Repaint and sell my desk
7. Make at least 1 piece of furniture
8. Get Ruffled Blues up and running
9. Blog more
10. Try something new.
11. Get a decent tan
12. Start learning a language
13. Read at least 3 books
14. Run a 5K
15. Learn how to surf
16. Repaint my dresser and nightstand
17. Buy bedroom furniture
18. Redo and sell tv stand
19. Plan a vacation for when Scott comes home
20. Get healthier looking skin
21. Train Gatsby
22. Send at least one care package a month
23. Decorate and furnish the apartment
24. Go to the beach at least once a week
25. Study the Bible
26. Build my relationship with the Lord
27. Start learning how to play the guitar
28. Go somewhere I've never been before
29. Build up our savings account
30. Have at least one day devoted to Random Acts of Kindness
31. Journal

It may be a bit ambitious with a full time job, but I am going to have plenty to keep me busy. May as well get to work now then, eh? :)


  1. That sounds like a pretty awesome list! I have been reading in the evenings when Breck studies. I don't see him often, and I'm reading the Qur'an just because. Lol. :)

  2. Might as well find something to keep ourselves busy, huh? :)