Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Newsboy hats, a vest, and a bunny

So, as expected, my blog posts are fewer and further in between.
But I finally have a few more projects to show you all.

Since I finally started making some boy onesies and shoes, I decided that there needed to have a third piece just like the girl outfits did. I finally found a newsboy hat tutorial. She explained it really well, but I had to adjust the pattern so that it would fit a baby instead of adult. I was worried about it, but I was SO excited about how it turned out. Now I just need to borrow someone's one year old to model it! :)

Scott really liked the baby hat and just had to have one.

Unfortunately, it didn't fit him right, so I will be making him another one sometime. But, the good news? It fits me! You'd think I did it on purpose. (I didn't.)

Bambi has been trying to trick me into thinking she is a puppy lately. Always chewing on things, running around like a maniac, and now...trying to get into the trash can.

Eventually, she got the cookie dough package out of it and tried to make me chase her for it. I'm telling you, she thinks she's a puppy. Little punk. But she's just so cute!

We're planning on going to Texas in the next few months and Bambi will have to go with us. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits weren't made to live in cages ALL of the time, so she will need some rests from riding in the car to run around outside for a while. Unfortunately, she is NOT a dog and won't come back to you when you call her. (Also, a dog might try to eat her!) So she'll have to have a leash. Yes, you read that right. A rabbit on a leash. It's possible, people! Funny, yes...but possible.

So they sell these so-called rabbit harnesses at the pet stores, but they are like 10 or so dollars. So being the person that I am..I decided it couldn't be too hard to make. Plus, I figured I could make one much cuter and for much cheaper than the ones I have found at the pet stores.  

I found this pattern and tutorial. Of course, it is actually for a dog, so I had to adjust it. But I like the way it turned out.

It looks a lot like a vest. But she seems to like it alright. We'll see how it actually works out. But feel free to laugh because it's funny to see a rabbit wearing a harness/vest.

In other news, Scott is off of his 24 on/24 off schedule and will soon be coming home to stay! We. can't. wait. It'll be good to no longer have a long distance relationship. 

That's all for now. 
So long from the West Coast!


  1. You're bunny is soooo cute! I want a bunny...but I have a Boston Terrier that won't like that idea very much. :)

  2. Thanks, K the B! I think she's pretty adorable too! Hubby doesn't have the same opinion! lol. But who knows, a bunny and the Boston Terrier could end up being unlikely friends! Think: Fox & the Hound. :)